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Bolden's Cleaning and Restoration Services Headquarters

This project required the site design services necessary to construct a 13,500 square foot warehouse situated next to an existing 3,500 s.f. building which was renovated to provide office space.  The state of the art facility houses Bolden's cleaning vehicles and their supplies in the new warehouse portion, and the office staff in the newly renovated building.

Silver Creek Engineering's services for this 2.2 acre site included drainage calculations, grading design, erosion control, new site utilities, an offsite water main extension, site lighting, and landscape plan.  Challenges included site restrictions such as a legal drain, overhead power lines, and an elevation difference of 4 feet in the existing ground at the building location.  


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CCC's real contribution, however, lay in proving the feasibility of conservation.  The positive public attitude associated with CCC work helped to create an atmosphere in which soil conservation was regarded, at least in part, as a public responsibility.

On March 31, 1933, Congress created "a Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) to be used in simple work, and confining itself to forestry, the prevention of soil erosion, flood control, and similar projects."

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