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Professional Engineer


The Professional Engineer is a registered PE with previous engineering experience who can apply the principles and practices of engineering to diverse assignments; is able to perform competently and independently with technical guidance necessary only when working on unusual or complex problems. Supervisory guidance is generally related to overall objectives, critical issues, and new concepts.  The Professional Engineer’s tasks include, but are not limited to:  structural/site analysis and design, structural evaluations, drawing review, AutoCAD design and revision, field measurements and construction observation.


Duties and Responsibilities: 

  1. Structural/Site Analysis and Design:  Performs structural/site analysis and design as assigned by Supervisor or Project Manager in accordance with accepted engineering practices in a timely manner.  Assembles design documents.

  2. Structural Evaluations:  Visit buildings to diagnose structural issues, evaluate structural condition, develop recommendations for corrective actions, and prepare written reports.

  3. AutoCAD:  Creates and edits drawings using AutoCAD software.

  4. Drawing Review:  Review of own work and shop drawing review as requested.

  5. Field Work:  May visit project site to record measurements and/or observe conditions.  May visit construction site to observe compliance with design documents when appropriate.

  6. Client/Consultant Contact:  Frequent client/consultant contact after assignment to project.  May represent Silver Creek Engineering in meetings with clients, design team, and/or consultants.  Files permits on behalf of clients when appropriate.

  7. Project Management:  Oversees projects, develops and tracks project scope and budget.

  8. Supervision:  This is normally a supervisory position where any work performed by others at the P.E.’s direction is reviewed to ensure quality control.



Licensed Professional Engineer

BSCE or MSCE from an accredited engineering university

Experienced in using structural design software and Excel

Excellent verbal and written communication skills

5 or more years of engineering experience preferred

If you have questions or would like to apply for this position, please contact Amy Wesner at (317) 297-5610 or send your resume and cover letter to Amy at

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