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About Our Company

Strong Foundation
A Strong Foundation

In 1994, Steve Kessinger founded Silver Creek Engineering, Inc. in Indianapolis, Indiana.  He brought 16 years of experience as a structural engineer to the firm.  Shortly afterward, Kevin Hazel joined the firm as an owner.  He and Steve developed and led Silver Creek Engineering together for the next 21 years, until Kevin passed away on April 23, 2015. Over the years, Jason Williams, Matt Owen, Scott Szentes, and Mark Frossard also became owners, increasing our depth of engineering expertise and leadership.

Excellence and Professionalism; blueprints
Excellence and Professionalism 

The staff at Silver Creek possesses a broad base of technical knowledge and practical experience that enables us to successfully address any structural issue. We have established a reputation for responsible project management and determined problem solving. SCE is licensed to provide professional engineering/structural engineering services in 31 states, which allows us to address the needs of clients who reside or conduct business outside Indiana.

Engineers; Jacob Ullom; Tom Sweeney
We're Here For You

Our present technical staff of eleven allows us great flexibility:  we are large enough to handle projects of any scope in a timely manner, yet small enough that staff members are readily accessible.  We provide information to our clients on request, answer questions readily, and work with everyone involved on a project to meet deadlines and budget constraints.  We believe that the cornerstone to our steady growth is our philosophy of listening to our clients' needs and tailoring solutions to meet those specific needs.

Silver Creek Bridge

What's In A Name?

Sometimes it's symbolism.

Sometimes it's sentiment.

Sometimes it's history.

And now and again, it's all three.

This is the bridge over Silver Creek that exists today in New Albany, Indiana.  Steve Kessinger, the company's founder, was looking at that bridge when he recognized his lifelong love of engineering for what it was and decided to make it his profession.

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