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"Giving back to the community" is a familiar phrase to most of us.  And that's a good thing.  We soon realized that Silver Creek Engineering is fortunate to be a part of the Indianapolis business community.  We decided to take an active role in improving that community.  Since that decision, Silver Creek and its employees have been involved on personal, professional, and financial levels.  Why are we telling you this?  Because we're proud of the decision and the employees that continue to implement it by requesting donations to specific charities or pledges for charitable events that they participate in on their own time.  Many of our contributions are one-time donations in response to our employees' requests.  However, in addition to those, we have also made long-term commitments to several local, national, and international organizations.

Student examining guitar

As structural engineers, we recognize how important it is to begin with a strong foundation.  This is true for buildings and it's true for lives.  That's why Silver Creek Engineering supports Steve Kessinger's participation as chair of the Young Children, Priority One Committee of the Downtown Indianapolis Chapter of Kiwanis International.  He has volunteered one hour a week in the classrooom at the Center for Inquiry School 27 for over seventeen years.  

Engineering Ministries International is an organization of design professionals who donate time, money and talent to support worthy projects throughout the world.  In addition to a continuing monthly financial donation, Silver Creek Engineering donated the services of its staff in 1995 to provide the structural design for an eye clinic to serve youth in India.  

Engineering Ministries International Logo
College Student Receiving Diploma

Since 2007, Silver Creek has sponsored Nicaraguan students who are pursuing vocational or university degrees with the assistance of Nicaragua Resource Network (NRN), a nonprofit volunteer organization.  One young man we sponsored completed his certification for Architectural Design and went on to obtain the Master of Works Certificate.  Another completed his degree in Computer Engineering.  We currently sponsor a student who is in his fourth year of electrical engineering.

One of our long-running traditions at Silver Creek takes place at Christmas time when volunteers from our staff organize the sponsorship of families who need assistance.  In addition to Silver Creek's financial contribution, employees and their families enjoy donating time and money to shop, wrap, and deliver gifts and food a few days before Christmas.

Presents for Christmas Families
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