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Do You Need a Structural Engineer?

crack in the ceiling and wall joint of a
What happens when someone points out a crack or something else in your home and recommends that you call a structural engineer? 
That might seem an awful lot like hiring Michelangelo to touch up the ceiling.
A measuring tape and a pencil over a con

We will provide you with a written proposal that clearly states the services we will provide and their cost. 


After you accept our proposal, we will gather the information we need to complete the project. 


When you call us, you will be directed to an engineer to determine whether or not our services are the best way to meet your needs.  

  • A written report to a third party

  • A design for remediation or renovation

  • A written report accompanied by a design for remediation or renovation

wooden roof structures.jpg

So how do you decide that you actually need a structural engineer? 

And where do you find one you can trust to provide what you need?

The answer to both of those questions is Silver Creek Engineering.

architecture and home renovation concept

The final product

will vary



according to

your needs. 

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