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The Jesse Hunt House

This is a three-story brick building built circa 1820 in Lawrenceburg, Indiana.  Its deterioration progressed almost to the point of demolition in 1998 when it was stopped by a lawsuit.  In 1999, The Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana purchased the building in order to rescue and preserve it.  Accordingly, the first structural concern was stabilization, followed by the exterior restoration you see below.

jesse hunt house prior.jpg
From This
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jesse hunt house courtyard prior.jpg
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To This
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jesse hunt house courtyard after.jpg

And finally . . . this

Jesse Hunt House.jpg
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When Jesse Hunt built his hotel around 1820, it was believed to be the first three-story building in Indiana.  Andrew Jackson used the Jesse Hunt House to meet with his political allies.  Benjamin Harrison was also a frequent visitor.  


The restored building is the headquarters of United Community Bank. 

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