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(Formerly The Indianapolis Museum of Art)

How do you bring a creative vision to life when it's larger than life?  That's not a new question for Newfields.  Or for Silver Creek Engineering, who has provided the IMA with several unique answers.  For example, we assisted three artists in displaying their work in Newfield's 100 Acres: The Virginia B. Fairbanks Art and Nature Park , which opened on June 20, 2010. 100 Acres has been described as "a gallery of site-specific artwork set within nature that encourages visitors to interact with the art".   

We have provided engineering design services for temporary and permanent displays inside the Museum as well, including Robert Irwin's Light and Space III, which was commissioned for the IMA's 125th Anniversary, and remains as a permanent installation in the Pulliam Great Hall. 
Use the side arrows below to view some of our Newfields work.
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