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South Knox Elementary School

The South Knox Elementary School project included the design of a 91,000 square foot elementary school.  The structural system for this school is made up of several different systems.  The systems include steel framing, load-bearing masonry, wood framing and cast-in-place concrete.

This project also included the design of an auxiliary gymnasium for South Knox High School.  The auxiliary gym design included several structural systems as well.  The systems included load-bearing masonry, structural steel, pre-cast concrete, and cast-in-place concrete.  The total construction cost for this project was $11,905,000.

Front Entry
HVAC Equipment
Front Drive
Bus Entry
The Early "School System"
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Families pitched in together to build a log schoolhouse.

Parents maintained the barn for the horses the children rode to school.

Farmers provided wood for the stove to heat the schoolroom.

Families shared their homes with the teacher, often on a rotating basis.

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