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The Indianapolis City Market

The Indianapolis City Market, currently located on the same parcel of land allocated to it in 1821, has long been recognized by generations of city leaders as a vital part of the city's heritage.  In 2007 a $2 million renovation was launched to ensure that the Market would continue to play a  role in the city's future.  Silver Creek Engineering provided the structural design services for a new mezzanine addition in 2007.  Our services included the development of design loads, design of new structural framing and the reinforcing of existing framing for the new mezzanine.  We worked closely with the architect to provide details for floor openings and architecturally exposed structural supports.  We evaluated and designed connections into the existing historic brick building exterior walls.  We worked with the construction manager and the material supplier to assure that our designs and plans were constructed in a safe and efficient manner.  


When Alexander Ralston laid out a plan for the city of Indianapolis in 1821, he designated a site for a market.  Originally consisting of a few simple market stalls, the City Market became a central gathering place for residents.  A permanent brick building replaced the booths in 1886, and, although it has gone through several permutations to adapt to a changing urban setting, it remains the home of the Indianapolis City Market today.  

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