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The Glass Barn


The Glass Barn is a 4,500 square foot permanent structure located on the Indiana State Fairgrounds. It houses several interactive educational exhibits designed to show visitors what takes place on a modern-day farm in Indiana.  Presented by The Indiana Soybean Alliance, and making its debut at the 2013 Indiana State Fair, The Glass Barn remains open after the Fair as part of a statewide year-round learning program.  During the State Fair, visitors will be given the opportunity to visit and interact with Indiana farmers on their farms via a massive video screen.  Browning Day Mullins Dierdorf was the project architect and Silver Creek Engineering provided site design services for The Glass Barn.  Our site design services included the design of drainage, stormwater quality, erosion control, water distribution, sanitary sewer and onsite utilities.

June 13 front viewstraightenedcrop.JPG

Photo by one sharp eye


The Indiana State Fair

The farming industry defined the Hoosier economy in the 19th century.  Since most Hoosiers lived in rural areas, the State Fair was a natural way for farmers to gather together, exchange ideas, view new products and techniques, and show off their best products in friendly competition.  Over 150 years later, the State Fair continues to celebrate and educate Hoosier farmers while it also gives city dwellers a closer look at Indiana's rich agricultural heritage.

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