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The Gresk Center

Silver Creek Engineering provided both the site and structural design for this 6,753 s.f. two-story office building in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Structural Components:

Slab on grade 1st floor
Steel framing for 2nd floor and roof
Floor and roof deck
Lateral load system including shear walls and braced frames
Load bearing and masonry walls


Site demolition and clearing

Site layout including parking lots, walks, drives and entrances to the building

Site grading and drainage

Site/Civil Components:

Preparation of drainage calculations for submittal

Storm and sanitary sewers from 5' outside the proposed building

Pavement for drives, parking lots and walkways

Erosion and sediment control

Stormwater Detention.JPG
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The Public Land Survey System (PLSS)

After the Revolutionary War, the Federal government found itself with large areas of land west of the thirteen colonies.  The land was distributed according to two purposes:  to raise money for the fledgling nation and to reward soldiers for their recent service by giving them land.

In order to accomplish this, the land needed to be surveyed.  A rectangular survey system was designed in order to transfer public lands to private citizens.  This was the beginning of the PLSS, which still forms the basis for most land transfers and ownership today.

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