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Kevin Hazel joined Silver Creek Engineering as an owner in 1994, shortly after Steve Kessinger founded the company.  Kevin brought 12 years of drafting and design experience with him.  At SCE he developed his marketing and management skills and later became President of Silver Creek Engineering. 


Some of Kevin's most notable Silver Creek Engineering projects include the West Baden Springs Hotel restoration, the French Lick Resort and Casino, and the Centrum restoration in Indianapolis. 

The picture at the left is from Golfari at the Indianapolis Zoo, a charity golf outing in which Kevin participated as a member of a foursome sponsored by Silver Creek Engineering.  Events like this combined two of Kevin's favorite things:  golf and Silver Creek Engineering.

Steve and Kevin, together with the other owners, continued to develop and lead the company for the next 21 years, until Kevin passed away on April 23, 2015.

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