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Scott J. Szentes, P.E., L.P.G.

Senior Professional Engineer



Education:              B.S. Degree in Engineering from Purdue University

                                      B.S. Degree in Geology from Indiana University


Licensing:               Registered Professional Engineer in Indiana, Michigan, and South Carolina

                                      Registered Licensed Professional Geologist in Indiana


Associations:        Member ASCE, AISC, and ACI

Professional Engineering Career:

1996 - 1997             Staff Hydrogeologist at Handex Environmental in Cincinnati, OH

1997 - 1999             Staff Geologist at Alt & Witzig Engineering in Indianapolis, IN

2001                          Design Engineer at RQAW Engineers & Architects in Indianapolis, IN

2001 - Present     From Staff Engineer to Senior Professional Engineer, Associate, and Treasurer at

                                    Silver Creek Engineering


Engineering Experience: 

New building design and modifications to existing structures

Structural evaluations and remediation of damaged structures

Specialty structural designs including:

  • Pre-engineered building foundations

  • Mausoleums

  • Wastewater treatment facilities

  • Shoring and underpinning

  • Retaining walls and tie-backs

Site design

Industrial structural designs including:

Equipment supports and foundations

  • Cooling towers

  • Storage tanks

  • Mezzanine

  • Lifting fixtures and crane systems

  • Utility tunnels

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

Phase II Subsurface Environmental Assessment


Representative Projects:

Churches:  St. Paul’s Episcopal, St. Francis of Assisi, Northminster Presbyterian Church, Speedway Christian Church, Immaculate Heart of Mary, and Zion Temple Apostolic Church

Industrial:  Pfizer, Navistar International, Haynes International, Eli Lilly, Spartan Light Metals, Visteon, Ryobi, and several wastewater treatment plants

Civil Design:  Site designs for Northminster Presbyterian Church, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Central Christian Church, Creative Laboratory Products, and The Gresk Center

Architectural Projects:  Indiana Air National Guard Facility, Holy Family Shelter, Marion County Correctional Facility, Broccoli Bill’s, Scholars Inn Bakehouse, Aurora WWTP, and Keystone Towers Parking Deck

Phase I and II Subsurface Environmental Assessment Experience:  Multiple projects include industrial, commercial, residential, gas station assessments, landfill properties, and private industries

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